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10 of the most amazing wedding updo's

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Short hair or long hair, thin hair or thick hair, curly hair or straight hair. Believe me there is an updo hair style that is perfect for your wedding hairstyle! In this blog I've pulled together some of the most asked for wedding hairstyles and bridal hair pictures I get shown. I've also included some of the prettiest wedding hair accessories from beautiful fresh wedding flowers, bridal hair vines to wedding tiaras and veils for a picture perfect finish that all brides would be delighted with.

Before meeting me every bride has their own idea of how they would love their hair to look on the day. Every wedding day will have its own theme/colour and bespoke little personality that some brides may not even be aware of .... but rest assured, there will always be something for everyone (and I'm determined to find it!)

wedding hair updo

Updos are a great way of creating texture and volume for fine, fly away or flat hair, it helps to keep your hair out of your eyes on windy days and can create a beautiful boho look for natural weddings, or a clean chic look for a more formal look.

1. The Messy Bun

The most requested updo of the moment is the messy bun. It's just so versatile! Most dress necklines look great with it and you don't have to stay central. It can be placed up high on the crown of the head to give height and looks perfect with diamante tiaras, on the side for something a little different and looks simply stunning with fresh flowers or can be placed low down in the nape of the neck for a more whimsical boho look. You can leave as much hair out as you like to soften the look or have everything pinned in for the windy days or a more formed look.

messy bun wedding hair

Photo cred: Tonya Stylist via itakeyou

I loved creating this twist with a braid pulled into a messy bun. I used fresh flowers which matched the brides bouquet and wedding flower arrangements.

messy bun braid twist wedding hair fresh flowers

Photo source: Bridal Hair by Kimberley

messy low bun romantic boho wedding hair

Pic cred: The Bohemian Wedding Blog

Mid length hair can be twisted and pinned over and over again to create a bun that doesn't stick out too far at the back, but as you move your head, it looks beautiful from the side and the back. A bit of height was added here to give a more special look overall and small pieces of hair left around the hair line to soften the look. Can be created on all types of hair including curly hair. To create more texture, hi/lo lights look great.

Photo cred: Bridal Hair by Kimberley

Pic cred: The Bohemian Wedding Blog

Can't decide hair up or down? Then you can have a bit of both bohemian style...

2 Boho style

Brides are sometimes indecisive about whether to wear their hair up or down. Whimsical boho looks can be created to make it feel like your hair is down, but its actually pulled away from the face and pinned securely at the back. A braid like look can be created, or twists to make it secure. Accessories such as Diamante or Pearl vines finish the look, which can be threaded into the curls or perhaps a Halo or Crown of fresh flowers. This sort of style can be created bespoke for each bride and versatile with however much hair you like being left out.

boho wedding hair loose braid hair vine wedding hair accessory

3 Chignon

For brides who want a stylish and elegant look, opt for a chignon. The ultimate in classic. The most beautiful hairstyle. Easy to wear with a comb, a veil, fresh flowers, tiara, a hat or completely on its own. The classic chignon can be softened with small pieces of hair left out around the face or all pulled back to create sleek lines. Your hair does need to be mid length though, so have a think well in advance of the big day if you think it needs some extra inches!

classic chignon elegant wedding hairstyle

To see more photos of this lovely classic chignon see my inspiration gallery

sleek chignon classic wedding hairstyle

Photo creds: Brides.com

4 Half up half down

For brides who feel slightly naked without their hair around their shoulders the half up half down hairstyle is perfect. We all want to feel comfortable on our big day, so if this makes you feel that you look more like you, then this is one for you! A dutch braid, french braid or a twist can help create texture and give a softer look around the sides, with the hair that's left down being gently waved or curled. There are lots of options to add wedding hair accessories as this style is so versatile, here I added some small fresh flowers, but a veil or just a few sparkly pins would look equally as good.

half up half down wedding hair

You can see more inspiration fo half up half down styles in my gallery

rose braid half up half down wedding hair

I love creating balayage hairstyles for my clients and it is shown off perfectly with this intricate rose bun - so lovely to add this romantic addition to your half up half down hairstyle. It can be done as a full updo too, but the soft curls really suit a wedding style, especially with the balayage. Cred: Braids by Jordan via Hitched

half up half down wedding hair romantic feminine fresh flowers

This half up half down wedding hairstyle is so pretty and feminine using fresh flowers placed into the twists. Cred: ohbestdayever

5 Pull through braid

The pull through braid on long hair this looks sooooo good! I created the hairstyle below with the top half in a pull through and finishing the tail end in a fish tail. For those who love braids but find them a little flat, this is perfect. You can pull out each part to create a much fuller look (which helps with fine hair) it can look quite boho if a few strands of hair are left out and curled, or look very elegant if it's sleek and slightly tighter. This style looks beautiful on every colour hair and can be worn with all sorts of accessories but a hair vine, a crown of fresh flowers or sprinkles of tiny flowers through the braid look beautiful. For this style I used fresh gypsophila flowers.

fishnet braid pull through braid plait wedding hairstyle gypsophila

You can also create a messy or neat bun finish with pull through braids by tucking them under into the nape of the neck.

pull through braid low bun

Photo source: Kinsey Johnson

6 Hair high in a top crown

A top crown of curls is really suited for the "long enough to get in a high pony tail" length hair. Perfect for Tiaras, fresh flowers and Veils. Keeps hair out of eyes and is totally timeless! Its a style for the bride who feels comfortable with wearing her hair up. It can look quite regal if you have a high neckline or bolero jacket, but it can also look quite whimsical with soft curls left hanging out. The veil can sit underneath the mass/bun of curls or on top with a tiara. Tiny flowers or diamante/pearl pins can be threaded into the curls for a delicate sparkle if you're not particular about wearing a veil or tiara.

top knot wedding hairstyle high bun

Wispy or smoothed back these high top knot buns look so regal. Source: deerpearlyflowers

top knot wedding hairstyle high bun

I loved working on this happy wedding and the addition of the veil attached under the curled top knot worked perfectly. For more views of this style see my gallery.

top knot high bun curls wedding hairstyle

7 Short hair updo

So you've just had that fab short sharp hair cut that you've always wanted and then boom you get engaged and the wedding comes along very quickly. I get asked a lot about what can be done with short hair and the good news is that you can create a lot of bridal hairstyles to suit most wedding dresses and wedding day themes. Short hair updos can be made to look as if your hair is longer. It's nice to look a little special but still look like you on your wedding day so its always good to have a trial to discuss how you will feel about your hair being put up. Short hair can be blow dried with lots of body and volume, and then with a little back brushing at the crown, creating the perfect platform for a tiara. This pic shows what is possible with a very short bob. being able to braid the longer strands from the front and pulling them back like that creates the illusion of length. For more inspiration and ideas for short hair updo's see my advice blog on pretty wedding hairstyles for short hair.

short hair updo

Short hair that is naturally curly can also be put up delicately leaving you feeling like you but better!

short hair updo

You don’t have to have long hair or a chignon to create an elegant updo. For those with short hair, two fishtail plaits or low ponytails are all you need to produce a really pretty updo. For a boho-chic look it is nice to leave some hair loose in curls or tendrils under the braid and at the front. For the elegant special bridal hairstyle adding crystal hair clip accessories is the perfect finishing touch. And for the boho look tuck some fresh flowers into the hair.

short hair wedding fishtail braid wedding hair accessory

Photo source via thetrendspotter

8 Low curled bun

The relaxed low curled bun is super chic, but versatile. Again, having the option of it being placed in the nape in the middle, or on the side feels like there are options, especially if you been having the asymmetric cuts which have left more length on one side than the other. Veils and combs look particularly pretty, but flowers, sparkly pins and fresh flowers also can look fab. Relaxed but very bridal.

low curled bun braided bun crystal hair clip wedding accessory

9 Side sweep

If you like the feel and look of having your hair down then a side sweep is a glamorous way of having your hair around your face and shoulders whilst having the updo feel. Pins are used to create the look of hair just swept effortlessly over one side. Curls can be used along the pin line or in this case I added some fresh flowers.

The hair does need to have some length to ensure the hair is fully swept over and doesn't keep falling over to the wrong side. Long lengthy hair can be pinned to give some hold for longevity, although I have been known once or twice to stitch up the hair so it doesn't fall too heavy and then turn into a loose curl! The side sweep can look effortless, but its definitely a red carpet glamourpuss style.

side sweep hair over shoulder wedding hair

Source: Annie McElwain via Moncheri Bridals

bright flowers dark hair wedding updo

I loved adding the little flowers into this side swept oh so shiny dark hair!

side swept wedding hair with flowers

Source: Lauren Fair Photography via The Knot

10 Waterfall braids

Braids or plaits are so popular - probably because they can be fun, playful, cute, elegant or soft and romantic - depending on you and the look you are going for. I love creating braids as they can be modernised and made unique to you. There are so many different ways to wear your hair. I've picked waterfall braids for this blog but I could have picked fishtail braids, side plaits, dutch braids, pulled out fishtail braid and the list goes on! Perhaps I will write my next blog on the many different braids I get asked for!

Waterfall braids are fabulous, and very very popular in 2019. For the boho brides out there, this is a strong contender. Any hair can look fab, short, mid length or long, straight or curly, thick or fine. It can add volume and so works well for fine hair too. The braid can be left loose with or tied back in a bun. You could consider having the waterfall braid with the rest of the hair down for the daytime look, and then as the evening celebrations approach, your stylist could be on hand to gather up the hair into a low curled bun, whilst leaving the braid in tact.

waterfall braid pulled into low bun wedding hair

Source: Heidi Marie Garret via Brides.com

This style and braids in general are great for beach and outdoor weddings as it will wear well with a little breeze. It also looks great the following day! Fresh flowers, sparkly pins or just as it is! It's such a simple look but everyone agrees its a really pretty look for all ages.

waterfall braid wedding hair bridesmaids

waterfall braid wedding hair brides hairstyles

waterfall braid wedding hair bride hairstyle boho

Source: Kerry Dalton via Brides.com

And so to prove the point that there really are so many combinations here is a combination of a waterfall fishtail braid pulled back into a bun in a half up half down style with soft waves!

waterfall fishtail braid half up half down wedding hair

Source: Katelynd Mcdonald via Brides.com

I am finding that I am using fresh flowers more and more perhaps this is because brides are going for a more natural look and wanting to tie in their overall wedding hair and makeup look to their wedding theme. I work a lot with professional florist Louise Buck from Loubee Blooms and so I asked for her thoughts on using fresh flowers as wedding hair accessories.

"Fresh floral pieces in bridal hair can look beautiful & compliment you overall look but choosing the right flowers to use is important. Some flowers look really beautiful as part of a hair style, but actually wither very quickly when cut from their stem. You still have beautiful options though – spray roses, freesias, and orchids are all sturdy flowers that can last well – foliage such as eucalyptus also works well. Lots of brides don’t decide how they are planning to wear their hair until closer to the day, but I recommend you have a good idea before you ask your florist to create fresh blooms for your hairstyle. This is because we may have to create a special hair pin for the flowers that will securely fit into your hairstyle while remaining hidden, and the best options may differ depending on how you plan to wear your hair. Flower crowns can work really well with certain themes especially boho and there are lots of flower heavy images on pinterest – just be aware that in these crowns are likely to have only been worn for a short amount of time as they can be heavy! You may want to consider a hairstyle that will work without the crown in place as well as with it on. This might seem obvious, but do not be tempted to give your hair one last spray with hair products while the blooms are in your hair. It will very likely ruin the flowers!"

I hope you've enjoyed reading my round up of some of the most amazing updos and that it has given you some ideas and inspiration for your hair. For the latest updates please follow me on my facebook and instagram pages. And I'd love to hear from you if you are planning your wedding or special occasion and think I can help. Kimberley x

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