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Pretty wedding hairstyles for short hair

Updated: Jun 9, 2019

Pixie, bob or lob, brides with short hair have lots of options to create a beautiful look. It’s true that short hair can prove a bit tricky to put up. But the good news is it can be done - and look amazing too. In fact a lot of brides and bridesmaids have been blown away with what can be achieved. Short wedding hair - what’s not to love?

In this advice blog I want to take a look at the options available for brides with very short hair, bobs and medium length lobs.

Very short bridal hairstyle - Pixie cut wedding hair ideas

Brides with a pixie cut can look chic, stylish and cute depending on the look you are going for and the theme of your wedding. For a pixie cut with short hair around the back and sides and a little length on top a plait or braid can be created. It can look perfect with some finishing touches such as adding some little flowers or diamante pins.

grown out pixie cut wedding hair jewel hairband
Cute grown out pixie with beautiful jewel hairband

Source: Weddings Online

‘For short bob brides an updo can make your hair look longer’

For short hair to the neckline like a short bob, hair can be curled and tucked up to look like it’s a lot longer. You can create a low chignon which has messy curls and neat flowers arranged which make your hair look a lot longer.

chignon for short wedding hair messy low bun
A messy low chignon with curls makes short hair appear longer

Source: Ulyana Aster Instagram via Wedding Forward

Or hair can be braided in a waterfall style to get the hair out of the eyes for a pretty boho or beach look…

Source: Wedding Forward

…or perhaps pin curled into neat waves for a vintage vibe.

A little longer, a lob for instance can have multiple choices. Half up half down with plaits, braids or twists, curled or blow dried straight with a high shine. Add some flowers or a statement jewelled beaded hairpiece to really finish this off with style.

wavy bob boho beach natural wedding hairstyle
And if you don't want to put your short hair up then natural and down shows off your style perfectly. Like here in this wavy boho beach style bob length hair.

Source: Buzzfeed

Of course there will be the option of using hair extensions to enhance the length and/or the thickness of your hair. But you will need some length to be able to hide the extension clasps. Most brides would supply their own extensions to ensure the correct colour is used and blended correctly. However you can discuss this before your bridal hair trial if you’d like your stylist to supply them for you. You’ll need to organise this before the trial and bear in mind the time it takes for them to get delivered.

Endless classic and creative wedding hairstyle options for keeping your short hair down

If you don’t want to put your hair up then there are endless styles that can be achieved for brides with short hair from curly or wavy bobs to pixie shaved hair with a statement jewelled or beaded hairpiece. I’ve even coloured short hair with a pastel or bright to really make a statement and enhance the overall look. Why not think about a pastel pink for a romantic boho beauty vibe or bright red for a vintage wave to match your look, dress and wedding theme?

Source: On location bridal Judy Hayward via Pinterest

And don’t forget the finishing touches - bridal hair accessories can make short hair really pop!

Adding wedding hair accessories such as flowers, flower crowns, jewelled clips or beaded hairbands can really change up and complete a look. Turning good to great! A flower crown on a curled bob or lob creates a really boho romantic look. A beaded hairband really helps to finish off a vintage style.

pixie wedding hair choppy fringe vintage bride
Beaded hairband really adds a modern vintage look to this choppy pixie wedding hairstyle.

Source: Pixie-cut

Short hair up dos for Bridesmaids

Finally I get asked a lot about bridesmaids with short hair - especially little ones who have fine and wispy hair. Well all of the above apply. For instance no one believed this could be done - but I don’t like anyone to be left out so set to work with a cute little plait!

cute bridesmaid hair updo braid plait

Cute bridesmaid up do french plait fishtail braid

I love seeking out inspiration for new ideas to create the perfect hairstyles for the brides who contact me. And as you can see for brides with short hair it doesn’t need to be a problem it can be a real opportunity to create something beautiful.

Drop me a message if you have any questions or would like a free wedding hair consultation.

For more ideas take a look at my inspiration gallery and below are some other websites I have found that have a wide range of inspiration for short hair ideas.

On Pinterest you can search up short wedding hair, short wedding hairstyles, brides with short hair and you will get lots of inspiration and some really cute ideas. I found a board called SHORT WEDDING HAIR compiled by Sanshine Photography which has over 100 pins with different ideas for short wedding hairstyles.

I also found these websites which all have specific pages on short wedding hair ideas.

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